How to dress for wine tasting?

How to dress for wine tasting?

How to dress for wine tasting?

We desire stylish outfits every day, and for a wine tasting event this is a must.  Wine tasting is a fabulous opportunity to smell and taste grape’s nectar whilst dating, meeting friends, amazing guys, networking and having fun. The question is:  how do we dress for wine tasting?

Why is a chic and classy outfit so important?

Since Valentine Day is approaching, let’s focus on the Borjour Magnam wine tasting event held in Budapest on the 14th of February. It is one of the largest indoor wine-tasting events of 2015 in Hungary where wines of 220 Hungarian winemakers are offered in two halls of the Millenáris Event Venue.

Great guys will be there for sure, so whether you take a date along with you or go solo, there’ll be plenty of eye-candy on offer. All in all, who doesn’t find a man with a bit of knowledge about wine pretty attractive? A good taste in wine screams sophistication and maturity and let’s be honest, just knowing the fermentation process makes him basically Mr Bond in our eyes.

For a woman, sophistication shines through her outfit. Obviously we want this in bundles, glamour and elegance (we are ladies), but at the same time something we can wear for long hours and feel comfortable in. We would like to catch our double zero agent’s attention whilst discouraging a simple zero guy from approaching us.

Since I’ve visited many wine tasting events and wine bars in Hungary. always monitoring the most fashionable outfits (all part of being a stylist and a photographer), I feel like I have a bit of authority on the subject of what to wear when wine tasting. Let’s see how it works in practice. We went to the last Wine Festival at the Castle District in Budapest, where Veronika (our model) wore an amazing outfit.

Our wine tasting outfit

Styling Veronika was my great pleasure, she had amazing legs and was completely confident in walking in heels.

So I chose a little black satin number (Vera Moda) with some gentle layering, great for accentuating the bust without flaunting the cleavage. I’ve paired it with some classic pointed toe heels (Zara) that aren’t so high that she wanted to take them off after five minutes.

I added a soft taupe coloured leather jacket (Zara, currently on sale) with some zip detailing and an understated necklace to match. I would always suggest keeping the jacket soft as well as classic so as to not look as though you’re heading to work. This one is perfect for showing off a little of your inner rock chick whilst keeping in tone with the rest of the outfit.


We have made her hair up in 60 seconds in a simple chignon so as to show off the necklace as well as one of the most feminine, yet sometimes under-appreciated, parts of the female body. The neck subtly suggests at sensuality without being overtly sexual, exactly what we want to achieve.


Since I was feeling so fancy about the outfit I decided to ask the wine sommelier, Kitti Kristóf which wine she felt would resonate with the outfit the best in her opinion (a little like pairing music with a painting, I thought). What is even more important than how to dress for wine tasting is what to taste in that awesome dress.

She chose this light in colour, fruity tasting sparkling wine of Kertész wineyard, Carla (2012). Carla not only tasted delicious but was also low on calories as it was prepared without sugar during its second fermentation process, so a win all round! Veronika was elegant, glamorous and super stylish with a matching and tasty sparkling wine.