Fabrics and Design - Fall 2015

Fabrics and Design – Fall 2015

Fabrics and Design – Fall & Winter Trends 2015

Trendy fabrics and prints in 2015

Shimmering metallic or leather coatings in unexpected combinations make us think about the frosty winter light as for fabrics and design. Fur and knitwear are obvious components. There is an increased density in fabrics and bold silhouettes are welcomed.

Prints – mainly stripes – are reinvented and interpreted in a new way. Geometrics are absolutely in trend in 2014/15 especially in black and white versions. Various techniques are used to add dimension to enhance the texture and qualities of woven fabrics, knit and jersey. Against super heavy materials crispy and fresh fabrics are used for luxury sensations.

Abstract panelling is inspired by modern art with mismatched lengths. The other trendy extreme version is color blocking in neutral shades. The beauty in it is its ability to highlight the beautiful textures of the clothes and in the case of having some pieces from the same color block, for easy matching.

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Cut and design in 2015

Apart from the above, cubic and abstract patterns (mainly in black and white) and ethnic patterns are still highly in trend, in winter versions.  Certain suits are masculine, showing control with clean lines.

Sweatshirts and cardigans are  investment pieces this season, knits, wovens, fur, leather and neoprene are all welcomed. Feel free to wear them with skirts, over shirts, with trousers or over a dress.

Pants are wide leg; classic versions are with high waistline and tab fronts. Time will tell if street fashion follows this trend or pipe pants will still win.

Military outerwear and trench coats with contrast lapels, velvet trims, fur collars are eternally sassy. Double breasted versions are favoured and self-belt are pushed forward.

Feminine shapes and unique silhouettes define this season. Thus, waistlines are accentuated with statement belts. Over kimono stile, jacket, oversized coat or dress. Going further, ruffled skirts, classic jackets, oversized shoulders, futuristic details, modernized retro style are all in trend. Baroque imprints and cuts are a reinvented gateway to a stylish look in fabrics like silk, satin, lace, cashmere and velvet.