Accessories Trends in Winter 2015

Accessories Trends in Winter 2015

Accessories Trends in Winter 2015

Shoes and boots in 2014/15 fall/winter trends

In case of footwear, colorful graphic prints, cubic arts and geometric details resonate to the garmet trends. Various textures (suede, leather, fur imitations, metallic textures) are all in trend. Some designers secured glam and sassy looks with jewels and beads (Alexander McQueen) or shimmery surfaces (Givenchy).

High heels are presented in diverse forms, combos with stockings and sporty mixes. Chunky heels are uber-comfy and there are diverse design options in the season. Ankle straps and buckles present further chic and timeless comfortable options. Low heel boots follow a similar trend, sporty versions, middle-age inspired flats and geometric inspired boots with relaxed top parts. Apart from the above, cuts on the top (peep-toe designs), on the sides or on the back (Donna Karan) lead boots to a creative field beyond everyday use. All in all, these are extravagant boots from knee to thigh-high versions.

Moreover, gladiator-option and oxford shoes are still for consideration, a long lasting chic, which absolutely follow the summer versions.

Trainer inspired shoes are still dominating this trend, a very functional and sassy choice. Awesome combinations were offered with sporty footwear in the last seasons too, opening a door to balancing feminine and masculine details within an outfit. Classic trainers were updated with tweed fabrics (Chanel), athletic type platforms (Raf Simons) or multi-colored soles (Dior).

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Statement accessories

In fall and winter 2014-2015 tote bags continue to evolve, a new element is that handles are fixed to the exterior part of the bag making it more durable and practical. Shoulder straps are still built into the design and inverted trapezoid is still the most glamorous piece. Top handle versions are getting more recognition.

A street fashion inspired option was visible on the runways: the beanie. Soft, easy to use or hide in a bag, besides being chic and cute. Large rib-knit structures are adorable and jewels around it make it memorable.

Oversized knit scarves in multi-colors and various structures offer another sassy protection in wintertime. A budget friendly and obvious option for updating your wardrobe is an oversized knit in a trendy color flattering your eyes.

A further noticeable upcoming fashionable element is a simplified version of the choker necklace. They are less tight and flat in the front. Rose gold, especially mixed with yellow gold or silver is absolutely in season.