6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

6 stylish tips in Spring/Summer 2015

What was your first thought after reviewing some of the exciting style trends for Spring/Summer 2015? Did you think, what in the world, how could I ever wear that! I could never pull that off without looking ridiculous! Recognizing your own personal style preferences and being unique at the same time is the secret to not becoming a fashion victim.

As quoted by fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who apparently first coined the term, “How to avoid being a fashion victim”, he stated that a person may be a victim of fashion if he or she is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style. On the other hand, Versace said that a person becomes a fashion victim if he or she excessively changes his or her looks and style from season to season.

You do not have to have a creative mind to be able to rock the season’s top trends. It only takes small updates to add a few pieces into your wardrobe without over doing it and becoming a fashion victim.

In case you have followed last season’s trend, vibes and innovations, you can easily adapt the latest designs. The more often you update your creative channels, the less effort you would need to look chic in the long run.

Elegant and simple ways to bring the Spring/Summer 2015 trends into your wardrobe:

1. 3D Textures:  Spring’s style is about fabulous looking 3D textures. An applique on your everyday T-shirt or handbag results in gorgeous and innovative pieces. Going further, 3D florals or textures printed on a knit skirt, pants or Tee is our advice, as these are all presented by most known fashion houses. Our favorite example is a heart-shaped bolero (summer version) in a trendy shade of soft Pairing it with a black and white crop top keeps the focus on the 3D textured bolero, while remaining subtly trend forward.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_3D_textures

Wardrobe update tips: As the spring/summer 2015 season is about transparency,  a skirt with transparent floral prints and 3D textures is a must for this season.

2 Fringes: It’s a luxurious look and but yet can feel subtle, if added to your wardrobe properly. Choose a knit top that has the fringe detail applied at the hem to a perhaps a color block shirt, for example. Alternatively, go with a dress that has layers of fringe applied at the hem. They are almost in every trend, combinations and interpretations might differ only. Monochrome versions (fringes+outfit) without any further statement accessories would not make anyone a fashion victim. You can have fringes even on your handbag or on the shoulder strap, which is not a new trend. This was a must have piece in Fall/Winter 2014/2015 as well.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_fringes

 Wardrobe update tips: Look out for fringes in unexpected places e.g. a statement necklace. See how our make-up artist, Brigi wore it last week. Everything else she wore was kept minimally, ripped jeans with white blazer are the ultimate compfy, classic pieces. A floral printed neutral top completed the outfit.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_fringes_accessories

3. Asymmetrical Shapes: Try a striped woven skirt, or a heavy weight satin top which brings in a touch of sexy to this trend. The main advantage of this trend is obviously shaping our figure. For a fashion victim this would be worn in a non-flattering way. Asymmetry might be presented with the hems or necklines. Don’t forget, where the asymmetrical shape is visible, attention and focus is driven there.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_Asymmetrical_Shapes

Wardrobe update tips: Check out  oversized pieces  from last season in a color which is still on the trend palette and cut it in an asymmetric way… where? It depends on which part of your body you are most pround of. In case you have great legs, make asymmetric cut in the bottom line of your skirt or oversized tees.

4. Playful Tassels: Tassels add lots of interest and attention to an average outfit. Check out some photos taken on the runway this season. Notice the focal point of the outfit is the tassels. Everything else is kept minimally. Similar to fringes. A fashion victim would combine tassels with other trend details or over accessorize. A chic little known way to wear tassels is a brightly colored statement necklace creating an effective yet minimalist look.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_Playful_Tassels

Wardrobe update tips: In case you invest in an excellent quality piece, go for a simple one and imagine that removing the tassels next season could give you a classic piece. Trend alerts say that it will be in trend next year, but who could forsee which version and design will win the fashion vibes competition in 2016? A budget piece with tassels might be a waste of energy.

5. The Comeback of Oversize: A very relaxed trend is still on, oversized pieces. How amazing these are when you feel you would like to hide some part of your body… a belly after an all you can eat dinner. The sarcastic part is that oversized tees looks gorgeous on athletic body types with long and lean legs and an extra garment around a full belly might make it visually larger. Others should be careful how to wear oversized pieces, as this trend isn’t always the most flattering.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_The Comeback_of_Oversize

Wardrobe update tips: Combine oversized pieces with tight ones, e.g. an oversized skirt with a fitted crop top or an oversized blazer with a tight mini skirt or jeggings. Style is about balance, focus and attention – among others. Keep oversized elements balanced.

6. Flouncy Ruffles and Frills:A playful way to be effortlessly chic, is by adding a few ruffles to your outfit. This will result in a feminine look and again is a great way to show off your shape. Keep in mind, you need to keep the ruffles and frills to a minimum, as with too many you might easily be fined by the fashion policy. Skirts and tops with ruffles and frills are the most common in the Spring/Summer 2015 season.

6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015

A_Fashion_Guide_6 stylish tips in Spring Summer 2015_Flouncy_Ruffles_and_Frills

Wardrobe update tips: This trend item is mostly sensitive, experiment with it but invest into an outfit only if you fall in love with it. Some outfits on the runway make us remember the 1980’s. A time travel is fine on the runway but might not be a win on the streets.  If you have a pear body shape (narrow shoulders, feminine details under your belt), try a top with ruffles or frills, it can reshape you and give you an hourglass look.

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Photos: www.fashionisers.com and www.harpersbazaar.com