3 classic stylish tips of how to dress for Valentine Day

3 classic stylish tips of how to dress for Valentine Day

3 classic stylish tips of how to dress for Valentine Day

Classic style tips for Valentine Day

Let me share some style tips how to dress for Valentine Day which would be applicable to any of the many regions around the globe. As a stylist, I find that generally women want to look classy, sexy and feminine for Valentine Day, usually lending towards something such as the classic little black dress paired with a sassy pair of heels and that just-got-out-of -bed hair (we know it actually took you hours to perfect those loose waves but we won’t tell if you don’t).

Alternatively a comfortable yet stylish smart-casual look also works well, so long as you make sure to jazz it up a little with a fun and stylish accessory to avoid looking too conservative (a coloured clutch for example works well).

Another favorite fitting both the style and comfort categories are a well-fitted pair of jeans, a crisp but loose-fitting (red) shirt and your favourite pair of  red high-heels. Accessories will make this outfit so go for an eye-catching clutch, a bold coloured lip and a super sassy pair of earrings to jazz up the look.


As a general rule I would personally suggest avoiding anything too short/tight/cut-out pieces and shoes you can’t walk in (the pigeon walk is never attractive). Equally, dressing as though you’re part of a conference closing session hits the other end of the no-scale as totally boring. Since you’re reading this I would guess that you don’t want to be a wallflower blending into the crowd.

How to stand out from the crowd with your look on Valentine Day

First, choose one aspect of yourself that you like the best (legs, arms, neck, chest, etc) and focus on it. Showing off your best parts will make you not only look fabulous but feel it too, after all attractiveness is 90% confidence. So, I hear you say, how exactly do I emphasize my assets (without looking too try-hard)? Well, it’s really all in the execution, if you have great legs and are comfortable wearing heels for a couple of hours, go for it (you can always keep a spare pair in the car for later), after all heels were created for a reason… they make your legs look incredible.

So what to go with these sky high heels? Skinny jeans are fab for showing off a great pair of pins, and great in the Winter when your legs are a little pale (and cold). Super chic and practical at the same time, you could even try a pair with a little rip over the knee for some added interest (very hot this season).

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little more va-va-voom, a sophisticated leather mini skirt (try dark or muted colours such as taupe, ox-blood, teal or beige) is sure to draw all the attention to those fabulous legs of yours. The trick is to not over-do (or under-do in this instance), since you have all that leg on show, try layering up on your top half to keep the look stylish. I suggest experimenting with a mix of textures to create a luxurious look, soft fabrics, cashmere, fur, work best combined with a tougher fabric like leather. All that’s left then is some sumptuously loose waves and a neutral manicure (or a deep red if you’re feeling a little more sassy), and you’re ready to get those taste buds tasting.

So, what if your waist is your best asset? For all you hourglass ladies, it’s easy for you to look super feminine and highlight those parts we all wish we had. The first thing I’d say is don’t be afraid of something super figure-hugging. Size is not important here, shape is, and a tight pencil dress or skirt will work magic with your curves. For you bigger-breasted beauties I’d suggest keeping your top half simple, no frills or layers, just a simple V-neck with a good supporting bra is the most flattering option, showing off your figure in a simple, sexy way.

If you’re more of a small-chested, wider-hipped kinda girl, work it the opposite way and use layering to build up the bust, or sport an off-the shoulder piece to widen the shoulders and create a more flattering balance. An eye-catching belt works wonders for these sorts of figures as it draws the eye to exactly where we want it; on that tiny waist. Keep in mind what to highlight in order to distract from the parts you’re not so keen on… a pretty scarf will draw attention to the bust, for example, a scoop necked top will highlight the neck and shoulders, while bracelets and watches will focus the eye on a delicate wrist.

Next, add an overly luxurious element to your outfit such as a gorgeous leather bag, fabulous watch, silk scarf or tailored blazer. Having one luxury item as part of your outfit will really ramp it up and make the whole look appear more deluxe and high-class. Keep an eye out for sale pieces and invest in long-lasting items that you’ll love for many years to come.

Finally, take a look at the whole picture and ensure you are happy with the overall look. This might be an opportunity to check out your approaching double 0 agent from all angles, so assuming he’ll be doing the same, matching all those little details from top to toe is a must.

Photo by Simon L.