Fashion Services

Fashion Services

Longing for a new look?  Wish to seem 5 years younger? You are ok, but something is missing?

Let’s work on the most creative project ever – Yourself.

I know how you might feel, your look is only a part of the story. You also know that image is more than just what you wear. It’s also about your personality, meta communication, body language, self-esteem and self-confidence.  All in all, it is about projecting a picture of you. Whether you are in the boardroom, fronting up for an interview, out on a date or simply hanging around, your image ought to reveal the real and confident you.

As a fashion stylist and photographer, I understand this. We can help.

What to do if trends are constantly changing, not to mention those contradictory style tips. So youʼre also wondering:

Is this going to do anything for me?

Fashion services and makeover packages – in the way we do – are great means of authentic transformation and showing a desired version of you. You can change, your look can change and accordingly, your image and appearance can change. Let us guide you in this journey.

Beauty Makeover packages

Holiday Chic

Have a desire for great photos? Are you a tourist or an expat living in Hungary?

An adventure of a quick makeover with a professional photo shoot is for you. If the weather permits, we can use historical parts of Budapest as background, otherwise, a studio is provided.

Let your memorably stunning moments expressed on great fashion photos.

Bring your favourite clothes and during the stylist consultancy session we help you combine them in an updated way. This quick beauty makeover with professional make-up and portrait photos also helps to develop your self-esteem and your image.

After the 1.5 hours photo shoot, in the end you have 5 gorgeous photos which have been professionally retouched.

The package includes

  • makeup
  • style consulting
  • 1.5 hours photo shoot
  • 5 retouched photos
  • studio or outdoors.

See how a makeover day goes on in case of photo shooting outdoors.

Complete Beauty Makeover

Does your look reflect the extraordinary you?

If you are willing to invest more time into a transformation, the complete beauty makeover package is a great way to regain your confidence. Moreover, You will learn how to dress for your body shape. Learn what colours suit you and make way for your new style. Get advice on your hair and makeup. All expressed on awesome portrait photos.

So You get it all: the hair, the makeup, the stylish look and private photo portfolio.

During a complete beauty makeover a professional stylist provides two outfits based on your wishes. In the end, you have 10 photos which have been professionally retouched. During this 3-hour memorable adventure you get transformed from head to toe to express your own personality. If you wish you can buy the clothes used for the makeover at the retail’s price.

If the weather permits, we can use historical parts of Budapest as background, otherwise, a studio is provided. Please read our tips How to prepare of a beauty makeover.

The package includes

  • makeup and hair style
  • 2 outfits provided by a stylist
  • 10 retouched photos
  • 3-hour photo shoot
  • studio or outdoors.

VIP is My Style

Is the real you hidden away?

As your personal stylist and photographer I will be there to help you.

You don’t have to be slim, skinny or tall to look amazing. We can show you how to transform your image and appearance so you will shine.

Get a magazine portrait look. Dress in glamorous outfits (4 sets) suggested by a stylist with two fabulous make-ups and stunning hair styles.

During this beauty makeover you have a detailed personalized set of advice from a professional stylist, hair and make-up artist.  If you wish you can buy the clothes used for the beauty makeover at the retail’s price.

If you wish, we can arrange special locations and props for the photo shoot.

The package includes

  • 2 special makeups and hair stylings
  • 4 outfits
  • 20 retouched photos
  • 5-hour photoshooting
  • studio or outdoors
  • snack and drinks.

Stylist Essentials

A wardrobe full of nothing to wear? Never again!

Update your look within the shortest period and in a noticeable way with wardrobe makeover, image consultation, color analysis or personal shopping. Wardrobe management will save daily pains of what to wear.  From wedding dresses to casuals, we are glad to assist. We will help you to make the right decisions so you have the time and energy to spend on more important things.

Shopping tours

Looking for fabulous pieces flattered your shape and suited to your style?

A guided shopping tour of fashion designers’ showrooms, outlet stores or second-hand stores simply direct you to the desired pieces. To your delight, personal shopping will become an enjoyable experience.