A Fashion Guide in Budapest

Andrea Fehér – Fashion Guide style consultant and photographer

Fashion Guide image consultant and photographer

My ambitions of being an image consultant and photographer has turned into reality after a successful corporate career. I’ve realized that expensive suits and bags don’t make an authentic stylish look, and that personal style is about something more.

I’ve developed my photography techniques through courses at Model, FotóSarok Photo School, and from Karl Taylor Online Courses. Classes at Central Media Academy, online classes at University Bocconi, and with Australian celeb stylist Ambre Renaud further refined my skills as a stylist and image consultant. I have been lucky to work with the pro stylist team at Nők Lapja, Hungary’s No. 1 women’s magazine, giving me insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Styling beauty makeover photoshoots and observing the team at Nők Lapja showed me how to turn the girl next door into a cover girl.

I believe that a stunning look is within anyone’s reach, and everybody has a unique style that can be refined and developed. There is a big difference between a fab looking but impractical outfit and a stylish practical outfit picked for everyday situations. Choosing your timeless look is an intuitive process that requires self-awareness, practice, playfulness and a little guidance. In my experience, if someone takes the first step, it leads to many more changes.

You might have experienced that an eye-catching outfit is a perfect entrance to a successful presentation, a new job or a romantic date. Our look tells more about us than a CV or a 30-minute chat on a dating site. In the first few seconds of a social interaction, we gather information about each other’s personalities and make assumptions on financial situation, status, capability and reliability.

What kind of first impression are you making? What does your look say about you? Do you like how you look in photos? If you’d like to take a step towards an authentic and stylish look, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you.